How to Flash-loan Assets from Saddle

Some of our pools allow flash-loaning assets for a small fee.

function flashLoan(
address receiver,
IERC20 token,
uint256 amount,
bytes memory params
) external;

Caller must provide a valid receiver address that inherits IFlashLoanReceiver interface.

function executeOperation(
address pool,
address token,
uint256 amount,
uint256 fee,
bytes calldata params
) external;

Upon finishing executeOperation, the pool must have the initial liquidity back along with the associated fee. If the requirement is not met, then the transaction will fail.

We provide a basic example of a flashloan borrower contract.

Flash-loan Supported Pools

  • vETH2 pool (0xdec2157831D6ABC3Ec328291119cc91B337272b5)

  • alETH pool (0xa6018520EAACC06C30fF2e1B3ee2c7c22e64196a)

  • D4 pool (0xC69DDcd4DFeF25D8a793241834d4cc4b3668EAD6)